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A house is not a home without a pet!

From a humble beginning in 1996, Ian Scheepers entered the pet trade by opening his first store, the size of a double garage.
They specialised in reptiles which secured his spot in the pet trade. With Ian’s great knowledge of animals, he quickly established himself as one of the preferred stored in the Johannesburg area.
After 12 successful years, Ian sold the store and moved on to new challenges.
It did not take Ian much time to realise where his passion lies. A year later an opportunity presented itself in a form of available space in the Lifestyle Garden Centre. Ian embraced the opportunity and opened a store inside Lifestyle Garden Centre.
The floor space was big enough for Ian to expand into the fishkeeping market as well as marines. This proved to be a great decision.
At Lifestyle Pet Hyper we believe people are diverse and unique and their pets should be a reflection of them and compliment their personality as well as lifestyle.

Despite cats and dogs being the more common household pets, we certainly don’t stop at just these fur balls! We also cater for smaller pets such as birds, fish (tropical, marine, and pond), reptiles, hamsters, rats, and bunnies; a broad selection that is unique to South Africa.

We take great care to ensure our animals are healthy and happy. We also stock everything you need, so you can ensure that your new pet will be comfortable and content at his new forever home.

A house is not a home without a pet!

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